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 the BUSH Advantage " We bring People Together"



Our Foundation for success is simply to provide professional advice and to understand clearly our client wants and needs by being knowledgeable advisors. We are a Community + Economic + Investment + Development Specialty firm Unifying the power of teams to serve with exceptional value and expertise in the new Collaborative Economy.

 the Bush Companies | Collaborative We are a boutique style firm that is "Distinctively Different in our Approach and should not be confused with a traditional real estate consultant, brokerage or developer.  Bush Management  is specialized, and unlike other firms, our staff and partners comprises the core competencies required to evaluate and address even the most diverse or complex real estate and community development concerns. 

We make it easy to connect with personalized attention to detail for those who seek our knowledge to implement fresh and long term thinking from a multitude of direct experiences. We hold ourselves accountable in our task to serve you and our clients understand that we have the energy to specialize as multi-task professionals that get results."  the bridge between our clients.

Our collaborative executive team has proven leadership skills in Business + Community stewartship as we have had the great opportunity to be Mentored + Lead + Learn and work beside some of the most respected professionals + entrepreneurs + companies providing opportunities and working together coopertively to fashion private or public partnerships and growing honorable relationships with many top tier leaders in the sectors of industry we serve.

We are an alliance of notable generalist consultants and companies that evolved out of simple networking. Collaboratively we share many of the same values and principals  of Ethical + Educated hardwork and are diverse in our intention + connected as an independent minded team of specialists in Multi Housing, Residential & Commercial, Green+Build+Design, Corporate Relocation, Agency Development, Medical Office  Real Estate, Industrial, Retail, Concierge, Mediation and many types of business consultations with our team -"your team".

Simple consulative services with team players to assist individuals, institutional, corporations, citizen groups, governments, private trusts to non-profit owners in being Efficient + Effective operations measured for successful outcomes.

From Communities to  Development Companies  and Investors we understand as  Developers + Architects + Planners & Creative Strategist ourselves the often difficult task of getting your message through the proper leadership channels, reaching the right individuals that can help understand your questions or locating the right staff or policy official, decision maker(s) and most importantly those who we represent faithfully.

Our collaborative group is highly qualified to serve as your in-house counselor, general or private equity partner, sponsor, syndicator, Facilitator + Negotiator and Mediator of creative land-use strategies as part of our growing collaborative deal making partnerships. Advisor to help start a new venture, explore innovative ideas and achieve economic growth in your organization. If interested and have questions we would be glad to Listen + Talk to you about solutions and service. 


. Asset Evaluation+ Conflict Resolution + Site Selection   
. Confidential Investment opps + Asset Disposition
. Economic Engineering + Incentives Negotiation + Entitlement
. Brownfield Redevelopment + Energy + Mergers & Aquisitions     
. Branding Synergy Design + Public Affairs + Stakeholder Relations 
. Regulatory + Due Diligence + Communicaton



Encourage Community and Stakeholder Collaboration in Development Decisions

What Does It Mean to Encourage Community and Stakeholder Collaboration in Development Decisions?


Reasonable people disagree on transportation and land planning issues. Some people disavow planning altogether. Many conservatives see nothing unfair or unwise about the current market. Many liberals see moral corruption in the current treatment of the environment and natural resources. Most of us are simply disinterested in these matters. Whatever the case, a full airing of community views should be encouraged. No one should be afraid of debate and discussion. Business groups, civic organizations, private citizens, academic institutions should work together to decide how they want their cities and towns to be.

We are Specialist | Where more specialist expertise is needed or required, we have close links with experts who specialize in understanding the politics of different localities via types of property and business or policy related issues.



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                                Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC)








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